2018 Bible Reading Plan

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The Bible reading plan for 2018 will focus on a different section of the Bible each day of the week. Every Monday of the week you will read a selection from the Psalms, a great way to get your Monday started because we all need some prayer and crying out to the Lord on Mondays. On Tuesday, you will read from the New Testament epistles, which highlight the importance of the Church in the life of every believer. You’ve made it to Wednesday, the middle of the week! On Wednesdays, you will read selections from the Gospels because we all need some teaching from Jesus to get us through the rest of the week. On Thursdays, you will read from the history books, both the Old and New Testament ones. It’s Friday, and that means some poetry and prophecy. You might need the weekend to think through some of these readings, so take heart, you don’t have any reading on Saturday and Sunday. Of course, if you are behind in your reading, feel free to use these days to catch up.

When you complete your January reading stop by one of our lobbies and pick up a 12-month punch card, which is meant to help you track your progress. When you complete your reading each month, simply bring your card to one of the church lobbies to have it punched. At the end of the year, if you have all 12 months punched, you will receive a gift!

You can access the plan from a variety of resources including a bookmark (available in all lobbies), the Connect Magazine, or on our mobile LMBC app.